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1. Countus, do you usually feel tense and irritated with ease?Countus, do you usually feel tense and irritated with ease?
2. Do you feel tired and without vitality?
3. During the day is something hurting, head or body?
4. In occasion te is it difficult to fall asleep because of worries?
5. Tell us your food at your own time?
6. How many hours do you normally sleep?
7. And when you wake up from sleep, do you get up rested and with vitality?
8. You'll getyourself a perfect personand you're looking for self –permanently demanding yourself?

Tell us how happy you feel right now:


Tell us what level of Satisfaction with yourself you are at right now?

11. Do I think I have good physical and emotional health?
12. I think during the day I have very good mood.
13. This last quarter has been very rewarding and personally satisfying.
14. I feel satisfied with myself.
15. I think I have a good chance of getting sick.
16. I know how to take care of my health.
17. I think I neglect my personal and family life because of my responsibility at work.
18. I have a good chance of getting sick because my parents suffer from diseases like hypertension, diabetes, overweight obesity.
19. Durantand the day i usually feel irritated.
20. My cholera reactions often can't controlthem.
21. I realize I'm an anxiousperson.
22. I worry too muchabouteverything.
23. My stress level I feel is very high and I don't know how to handle it.
24. My stress is affecting my health.
25. My stress is affecting me in my relationships with partner, children,family.
26. My stress is affecting me in my work.
27. I feel like my mood has changed I feel sad.
28. Lately I think life doesn't make much sense.
29. I don't have much reason to feel good.
30. I feel like life doesn't make sense.
31. I have headaches.
32. I have loss of appetite.
33. I have increased appetite.
34. I have gastritis.
35. I have palpitations or feel my heart beating faster.
36. I have palpitations or feel my heart beating faster.
37. I have dizziness and/or nausea.
38. My hands and/or feet sweat.
39. I feel pain or tightness in my chest.
40. Your blood pressure changes constantly (up or down) when I'm in a stressful situation.
41. My memory and concentration are down.
42. I'm constantly sick.
43. I feel like constantly urinating.
44. When I'm anxious I feel more desire to eat.
45. You think you're very valuable as a person.
46. You think people value you for the way you are.
47. You have good friends who appreciate you.
48. You feel confident.
49. Faced with problems you always think that you can go forward.
50. When performing your tasks you need to be told that it is well performed.
51. Your family always tells you how much they appreciate you and want to.
52. Since you've had to face problems since you were a kid, but you've always been able to handle them very well.
53. When you see coming to authorityyou feel shy.
54. When you see coming to authority you feel like you can't speak freely as you wouldlike.
55. When you see the authority you feel security and trust.